hyung’s cuteness is the best (✿◠‿◠) | BE mission 36

The case of YooSu vs. Gwiyomi… and a sprinkle of ~English~

JYJ touring around the Gangnam District Office

tvxq being sore losers over balloons \o/

It’s already been a month since the Tokyo Dome concert is over. Time has flown by really quickly?

JJ: “It’s huge”. The impression that the red pen lights left on us was really deep, and all our nervousness vanished. We really felt their warm feelings. So, we could only work harder. That was the only way to get rid of the nervousness before the live performance. At that point, it was really important to look inwards, into our hearts. At that time, it was really because everyone was so near, and we were not alone, so the atmosphere became really heartwarming.